Mega Pack

This will combine both skilling and gold farming and so much more. And will be the focus of the community to deliver you the most safe and usable scripts.

RSBot 2.39 Scripts:103
RSBot-239.jar Scripts:100
Rsbot-235 Scripts:97
Rsbot-234 Scripts:97 - Added More Agility!
RSBot-233 4/5/2011 Scripts:96
RSBot 2.33 Scripts:95
RSBot.jar 4/3/2011 Scripts:92
Mega Pack 3/31/2011 100 Script's
Mega Pack 3/27/2011 Scripts:84 [Cooking and fishing added]
Mega Pack 3/26/2011 Scripts:70
Mega Pack 3/25/2011 Scripts:48
Mega Pack 3/17/2011 Scripts:32