Updated To 2.32 / Revision 118

Fake RSBot hacking rumours
It has come to our attention that images claiming an upcoming hack on RSBot has been circulating. The images depict private messages from administrators and moderators who's names have been masked.

These rumours are outright lies with no basis.

It should be understood that is is extremely easy to edit an innocent private message from a staff member. Simply downloading a web page in a browser, editing the HTML with a text editor like Notepad then taking a screenshot of the modified page is all it takes. This can be done in under by 2 minutes with little to no prior experience.

Since the previous hacking attempt on the site and RSBot, thousands of dollars have been invested in upgrading hardware for increased protection and security. Our internal protocol is very strict, every action a staff member (moderator or administrator) takes on the site is logged with the time and IP address. These records are retained indefinitely and passed on to law enforcing agencies in all the jurisdictions we operate within. All updates to the RSBot SVN are tracked and monitored by our host Google, any activity on the server sends alerts directly to my phone wherever I am.

Anybody is welcome to verify these facts, our security policies and protection software are widely used by the industry - Amazon, PayPal, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others rely on the same technologies we use to ensure their customers are safe from hackers and are unaffected by criminal activity.

RSBot is open source and 100% safe.

We collaborate and share security-related information with developers of Nexus, RSBuddy, EpicBot and work closely with dozens of Java experts around the world to ensure the control of RSBot is kept airtight; our users can rest assured with the safety of their accounts. Unlike other bots, we go one step further and keep our bot fully open source so anyone can scrutinise and audit the inner-workings of the program to see that it is genuine and safe.

At powerbot.org and with RSBot security is paramount and we make a continuous effort to ensure the safety of our members. Please understand that any rumours being spread are crafted by individuals with a malicious agenda, and have no basis in truth.


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